• 28.03.11
    Pat's Nightmare. POST NUDE OPEN SHOW
    Postman Pats naked nightmare journey through the postal system.....
    Postcard for the Post Nude Gallery exhibition, Horsebridge gallery,Whitsable.
    Sunday 1st May 2011 - Tuesday 31 May 2011
  • 11.03.11
    The Adventures of Mie
    A Comic Opera, coming soon...
  • 11.03.11
    finally GO RED GOES LIVE
    all goes to the childrens charity Richard House.
    Red Five standing by
  • 12.11.10
    RockTrumps Christmas is upon us more more important Captain Beefheart himself has left this world but see him among the horror with this set of my developing set of horror rockers

  • 14.09.10
    heres my new Blog Thumbtrumpet
    yet another good way to waste time
  • 10.09.10
    DeathMetalDiscoScene: nice hype on Slutty Fringe
    and And A Heart Is A Spade

  • 09.09.10
    Dallas Guild promo wins Images 34 AOI silver award for new media.
  • 22.08.10
    BIKE entered into the final 50 for LondonTransportMuseum/AOI Cycling in London competition.Artwork is on show and on display right through the summer
  • 17.08.10
    EP cover for DeathMetalDiscoScene
    released early september
  • 01.08.10
    Vanessa Amorossi 'Holiday'
    promo collaboration with andy potts
  • 12.07.10
    RED selected as a winner in this year's 3x3 ProShow
  • 07.07.10
    Designed Logo/Poster for award winning documentary Erasing David
  • 04.07.10
    Illo for Poker Player magazine
  • 22.06.10
    animated titles for a Laura Robesons Right to Play wristband design working with Calabash Films follow her progress on twitter
  • 28.04.10
    Illustration portfolio at the AOI
  • 08.04.10
    Lady GaGa logo for the new BBC Chart Show promo, working alongside Michael Moloney Studios
  • 10.03.10
    The Beautiful Machine Friday March 26th howies store in Bristol
  • 09.03.10
    LittleWhiteLies KickAss competitionFlashgordon in six frames
  • 02.03.10
    Mark Taplin has also parted company with Agency Rush.
    Onwards, Forwards, Upwards down a bit left a bit etc...
  • 25.02.10
    6x6 Talk for BIG down at the eagle pub Brighton.
    met some great illustrators willing to listen to me bang on about Flash Gordon.
  • 22.02.10
    Had a great afternoon lecturing at Winchester School of Art.
    thanks to those who attended and insightful Q+A
  • 12.02.10
    Only Love can break your heart ...happy V day

  • 12.02.10
    Red 5 standing by - as part of the Head Body and Leg show for the Richard House childrens hospice charity asked to create a body section and have red as the predominant colour. GO RED!
  • 08.02.10
    new year animation have some aspirin for the hangover...
  • 07.02.10
    Flash Gordon the film in six frames! Little White Lies Kick-Ass competition
  • 13.12.09
    Illo for Carla Bruni Sarkozy foundation
  • 18.11.09
    Painted up this piece 'Meet Cleever' for friday the 13th themed Glug event

  • 13.11.09
    off down to Brighton for some pre planned :) live painting for GLUG this evening
    Venue - The Basement, Brighton
    Time - 6.00 - 12.00
    Full details can be found at Glug Events
    see you there
  • 10.11.09
    just done afternoon lecture at University of Westminster for BA illustration 3rd year
  • 07.10.09
    last Thursday 7th oct myself and a few illustrators got together for some handrawn fun at the Little White Lies magazine.Great to catch with some old faces and some new ones with some seriously messed up results, all to be seen in the next issue.
    Thanks to Paul, Rob and the peeps for hosting with refreshments of about ABV5 and tasty mini pasties

  • 22.09.09
    Got on board to help judge MTV SwatchPlayground
  • 10.09.09
    nice hype on Slutty Fringe
    and And A Heart Is A Spade

  • 30.07.09
    Mark Taplin gets Association of Illustrators Gold New Media award section for 'Lets Make Out' by 'Does it Offend You,Yeah?'
  • 08.07.09
    The Dallas Guild
    Album / EP artwork for The Dallas Guild

    The Dallas Guild
    Burn _videopromo_2m50s

    A 'Life raft' of bodies hurtles towards 'The Void' surrounded by the trappings of greed
    collaboration with illustrator/animator Andy Potts www.andy-potts.comfor the collective TheDallasGuild www.myspace.com/thedallasguild
  • 30.06.09

    2nd July 2009

    Institute of Contemporary Art

    The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

    Pencil jousting between myself and the master of pencil goodness Adrian Johnson.
    The music will be provided by the rather splendid Dallas Guild.
  • 16.05.09
    Illo for Manchester International festival Guardian Guide
  • 29.04.09
    Illos for Huck magazines exhibition stand at the Munich Snow board Expo
    and The Dallas Guild Album cover design and artwork

  • 30.10.08
    Two Illustrations for theTimes 2 section the Times
  • 14.10.08
    New work for Big issue and Huck magazine.
    also dirty dozen and short statement appears in Text and Image by Mark Wigan
  • 12.09.08
    I thought It was time to devote more space and time to representing my gradually extending portfolio. myself and and some doozers from fraggle rock have been busy reconstructing, jigging and poking around getting this all ready for a good eye rinse
    So whats new?- a more focused look at the illustration work comes in the form of larger images and a shop (minamal goods at the mo) with relevent animation projects too, so lean forward slip that disc, burst some eye vessels, increase the RSI levels in the forefinger and have a wander about .

    a DVD showreel and Portfolio is available on request with selected high res versions of current projects

    thanks to the guys at Zenji Web Development Ltd.

    and Radio Design (UK) Ltd.
    who helped tremendously all the way.

  • 11.09.08
    finally settled into a new studio space under the name of
    Action Stations
    full of illustrators designers and animators, check the Blog for updates on events and oddities.

    new titles and packaging for Sanchez Get High Pritchard vs Dainton The lads aim to reach the perfect high travelling through asia , colombia etc selected titles edit.

  • 11.09.08
    Image forThe Culture Show re launch campaign
  • 10.09.08
    Get over to concretehermit
    for my Burlesque t-shirt design
  • 30.11.-1
  • 30.11.-1
    LittleWhite LIes KickAss competition online book ...Flash gordon in six frames

  • 30.11.-1
  • 30.11.-1
    We bid a sad farewell to Captain Beefheart...