• 11.03.11
    Cee Lo Green viral promo
  • 14.09.10
    heres my new Blog Thumbtrumpet
    yet another good way to waste time
  • 09.09.10
    Dallas Guild promo wins Images 34 AOI silver award for new media.
  • 22.08.10
    Vanessa Amorossi 'Holiday'
    promo collaboration with fellow illustrator / animator andy potts
  • 21.07.10
    Who is Salt? movie competition
  • 22.06.10
    Animated titles for a Laura Robesons Right to Play wristband design working with Calabash Films follow her progress on twitter
  • 19.06.10
    Designed Logo/Poster for award winning documentary Erasing David
  • 04.06.10
    Nickelodeon 25 sec edit of recent promos
  • 08.02.10
    some codeine for the New Year animation ...clink
  • 29.07.09
    Taplabs gets Association of Illustrators Gold New Media award section for 'Lets Make Out' by 'Does it Offend You,Yeah?'
  • 02.07.09
    The Dallas Guild
    Burn _videopromo_2m50s

    A 'Life raft' of bodies hurtles towards 'The Void' surrounded by the trappings of greed
    collaboration with illustrator/animator Andy Potts www.andy-potts.comfor the collective TheDallasGuild www.myspace.com/thedallasguild
  • 16.05.09
    Terminator Salvation meets Godzilla in downtown Tokyo techno nightclub
    MTV movie comp.....
  • 29.04.09
    New work for MTVs Wolverine movie competition
    'discover the animal within you...'
    MTVs adidas promo spot along with work for the Marketing Stores Vodafone instore campaign
    plus an xmas viral that somehow never made it out into the cold...?
  • 14.10.08
    Taplabs went to iceland for three bottles of echo falls vino for a tenner
    and came back with the Kerry Katona promos titles!

    also catch Sanchez episodes on itunes...
  • 15.09.08
    Hello and welcome to Taplabs Motion and Direction.
    This site has been rebuilt and redesigned giving more focus to relevant
    motion / direction based projects from Taplabs.
    improvements give a larger viewing pleasure with more project information.

    a DVD showreel is available on request with selected high res versions of current projects

    thanks to the guys at Zenji Web Development Ltd.

    and Radio Design (UK) Ltd.
    who helped tremendously all the way.

  • 10.09.08
    finally settled into a new studio space under the name of
    Action Stations
    full of illustrators designers and animators, check the Blog for updates on events and oddities.

    new titles and packaging for Sanchez Get High Pritchard vs Dainton The lads aim to reach the perfect high travelling through asia , colombia etc selected titles edit.

  • 08.09.08
    latest work is for Peaches Geldof new show 'Disappear here' ??last minute brief with a 2 day turnover gave these titles their distinctive look n feel.
  • 30.11.-1
    Who is Salt? movie competition