Taplabs was born in 2003.

Started by Mark Taplin as an umbrella for illustration and animation work. The aim was to collaborate with other creatives and clients across different moving image disciplines.Taplabs takes illustration to the shores of the moving image realm, creating new and exciting visual worlds with energy and innovation.

The lab has had experience working in the illustration/animation/multimedia industry
for clients such as BBC,MTV, Vh1, Sony, Mother Advertising , Abbey Road Studios, Fallon, amongst many others.

What kind of work? Well we undertake anything that blends illustration/ animation and moving image. That encompasses TV Advertising, Pop Promos and Promos for TV stations, Title sequences for TV and Films, Moving image elements for exhibitions and Galleries as well as as short films.

How do we work? We thrive on how we relate and collaborate with our clients. We recognize that projects can only be bought to fruition and completed with a relationship that delivers the result the client requires, in time and in budget. Creativity and innovation is always the foundation of our working practice. But ensuring that we all enjoy the working experience come high on our agenda too.

a DVD showreel is available on request with selected high res versions of current projects